“You wanna do someone else
So you should be by yourself
Instead of here with me
– “Secretly”
Skunk Anansie

Rainy Labor Day Weekend, 2004 – cleaning my apartment and consequently making a bigger mess out of myself. A craving for brownies came from nowhere. The grocery store was just across the street, I would be back in minutes – so I left wearing no makeup, with my messy hair tucked under a baseball hat.
I walked over to the baskets in Harris Teeter, and there he was.
There he was, there she was.
We had been broken up just a few weeks at that point, and he had to be shopping at the grocery store with her at that exact moment.
We caught each other’s eye, she clutched his arm and looked at me with a sideways glance.
Small talk ensued, mostly me incessantly babbling about wanting to bake brownies. After this, I thought, they better be the best brownies I have ever had.
Upon leaving the store, I called a friend to relay my tale.
“How could this happen,” I wailed, “I mean, what are the odds?”
His reply?
“Evidently 100% percent!”