“Do you wanna get married
Or run away”
– “Slide”
Goo Goo Dolls
I always wondered – during weddings, when the officiant asks if anyone objects to the upcoming nuptials, has anyone ever said “yes”? It was the night before B’s wedding – he was due to marry a woman that I felt was wrong for him. More than the fact that she was wrong for him, I felt right for him. I asked him to reconsider, to call off the wedding. But, she did it for him, cancelling the ceremony the next morning. Everyone knew why she did it – that I had convinced him that we would be right together, as if we were a puzzle and I would be the missing piece. I couldn’t bear to watch him marry someone else – commit to someone who may not be right for him for all of eternity. Before he could go down that path, I had to speak my peace. For a dream, it felt surprisingly vivid – it made me wonder what that would really feel like, and what it all meant. People say that dreams are a reflection of your subconscious – if so, what is my subconscious trying to say?