Years ago, I read an article about a girl who was thousands of dollars in credit card debt. She openly admitted that she was not a victim of any unfortunate circumstances, but rather she liked shoes and lattes “a little too much.” She created a website campaign asking people to donate money to help free her of debt. Not only did she raise enough money (and post a small profit), she was also given a book deal. At first, I was somewhat annoyed that people would donate money to someone this selfish…then on second thought, perhaps I was just jealous that she got out debt with minimal effort and got the book deal I had always dreamed of.
Yesterday, I found myself reading another website regarding a similarly ridiculous situation — Dustin Diamond (Screech, formerly of “Saved By the Bell” fame) is having his house foreclosed upon. He is selling t-shirts online to save his house, and perhaps get another shot at fame. I wonder why he can’t ask Zack, Kelly, and Slater to produce another “Girls of Bayside” calendar to bail him out of his unfortunate circumstances.
These two e-campaigns have given birth to a fundraising campaign idea of my own. I have decided as of this morning, that I cannot tolerate hearing “September” by Earth, Wind, and Fire ever again. There are a number of songs that I despise, but there are none played as often and as widely as “September”. I thought that only listening to satellite radio would help me to escape the aural nightmare that is “September” – I was wrong. Second only to “Diamond Girl” by Seals and Croft (another song high up on my never-play-again-list), “September” is a clear favorite of every XM DJ, seemingly no matter what genre the station is.
So here’s the plan – send money to my (to be developed) site through PayPal. I, in turn, will send the funds to Earth, Wind, and Fire, themself. With hope, the large influx of cash I raise will take the place of the residuals they receive for airplay, and lead to the elimination of this godforsaken tune.
Remember, readers, charity starts at home.