Yeah….tomorrow is my last day of work at my current job! I love the last week of any job (I’ve done this more than once), because you know that change is a-coming…soon.
I’ve spent the past week randomly cleaning out my office. I’ve found shoes, CDs, many office supplies, and best of all, a presumed to be year old Cadbury Egg. Oh, and a stray green jellybean.

On Monday, I start my new job. I’ll be working in Manhattan for the first time since February 2001, when I took off running for Charleston, in search of warm weather and less stressed people. I’ll be on the train an average of three hours per day (try not to envy me), which should give me ample time to catch up on sleep and reading.

Check out the organization I am going to be working for, Autism Speaks, I expect it will soon be your favorite non-profit 🙂

For those of you in the City, lunches, Happy Hours, and shopping are coming. Something has to make up for commuting and the long, cold winter ahead. Aside from looking forward to my trip to Arizona in March…