There is a cafe just a few doors down from my office, called Silo. I eat there practically every day, because it’s a short walk (on days like today when the wind chill is 3 degrees) and they have all kinds of food.

A few days ago, I went to order sushi and the one man who makes it, had wandered away from his station. I asked the man at the station next to him (the bimibab station) where he was. He didn’t respond. After 15 minutes, I gave up and ordered the worst $9 salad I have ever had. As soon as I ordered the salad, he returned.

Yesterday, I went back and saw him at his station. I placed my order, and he yelled back at me, “NO RICE!” So sushi was out yesterday. I instead ate fruit for lunch.

Today was the last straw. I stood there for ten minutes, while he crafted California rolls and blatantly ignored me. Finally, he looked up at me, signalling he was ready for me to place my order.

“Two shrimp, two yellowtail, two tuna”

His reply, “NO YELLOWTAIL!”

“Okay, I’ll have four shrimp and two tuna”

Again, “NO SHRIMP!”

I am not playing this game with you, Sushi Nazi at Silo. I hate you.

Thank God this is New York City and I am sure there is another overpriced sushi place just feet away…