“You coulda made a safer bet
but what you break is what you get
you wake up in the bed you make
I think you made a big mistake.”
– “Lucky You”
The National

Sadly, admittedly, my favorite TV show is “One Tree Hill”. This could be for a number of reasons – one, I watch very little television. Two, I am notorious for getting sucked into insidious teen dramas. Three, there is always amazing music on this show. Four, they start and/or end the show with literary quotes, which I am a total geek for loving.

The quote on my page today is from an episode way back one – probably season one – really insignificant to my point, either way.

T.H. White said: Perhaps we all give the best of our hearts uncritically to those who hardly think about us in return.

In the episode prior to that, there is a great dialogue exchange. One character questions, “How did we get so broken?” And the other replies, “We fell in love, and at some point, the people we love forgot to love us back.”

(No, I don’t remember this all offhand, it is catalogued online) 🙂

Why is it that the people we try the hardest for, the ones we give our hearts to without even thinking are generally the ones who don’t stop to recognize this?

And in some cases, it’s (thankfully) not even our hearts – it is our efforts, our time, our confidence and our souls. The intangibles in life.

Either way, it’s sad and it sucks.