I love my customized Google page – it has ESPN headlines, People.com headlines, “actual news” headlines, and my daily horoscope (among other things).

Here is my horoscope for today: You may be uneasy and restless now, although normally you can make the best of any situation. Today, however, you can get lost in dreams of your future, even if these fantasies are not supported by the present circumstances. Give yourself permission to explore all possibilities, but don’t confuse your ideas with reality.

Pretty interesting, huh. That sounds about right for me…

So I’m glad that I’m not nearly as sick as I was at the beginning of the week. I’m glad that it’s Friday. I’m glad that tonight is Happy Hour and tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo. My local minor league baseball team starts their season tonight. Life is pretty good on my end.

I just got a ticket to see one of the few bands that I love, but have never seen in concert, The Jesus and Mary Chain. I just signed up to play kickball again, on Monday nights in Riverside Park. I’m going to Virginia for a weekend in just two weeks.

I’ve got restless spring energy. I can’t wait to go rollerblading, play golf at Robert Moses, lay out for hours on end, and go in the ocean. I can’t wait to drink Coronas on the beach at sunset.

I’m so excited that summer is on its way.