There is a website I used to enjoy reading, but rarely read anymore, Overheard in New York.

The site basically repeats snippets of completely absurd conversations, overheard in the streets of the City. Here is a gem from today:

Why They Don’t Run FEMA Anymore
Bimbette #1: Wait, but, like… What state is Louisiana in, again?Bimbette #2: I don’t know. Like, Arkansas?–56th & Madison

This morning, I honestly felt like submitting a few of my own. I have mentioned it before, and will say it again – I despise tourists. There is some definite irony in that, having grown up in New York (tourist central) and then living in Charleston (dependent on tourists to survive).

However, I think my living situations only escalated my disdain for them.

There is one Starbucks in Penn Station. Once you exit Penn Station, there is one every corner; but in Penn, there is just one. Needless to say the line is usually pretty long during rush hour in the morning. There were two Amtrak employees on line in front of me this morning. The woman, with her giant mountain of curly hair (clipped into poufy bow) turned to the man and drawled in her high pitch voice, “Back hoooome at Myrtle Beach, we’ve got a donut shop on every corner. You don’t wait on no lines like these!” Okay. One, this isn’t a donut shop. It’s Starbucks. There are about 15 Dunkin Donuts in Penn, if you want a donut shop. There’s also a Wings every corner in Myrtle Beach, and it’s still trendy to wear that bow in your hair there, too.

Then, I was on the elevator in my building this morning listening to two guys who work for one of the Time Inc. entities on the ninth floor. They were discussing a new employee, who one guy said was his friend from college. The conversation went something like this:

Guy #1: So what do you think of the new guy?
Guy #2: Oh, he’s my friend from school. I got him the job, even though we were in a hiring freeze. He had like five interviews, though.
Guy #1: Five interviews, huh. He must have interviewed with some pretty important people, like my dad, to get hired during a freeze.

Good to know nepotism is still alive and well in America.