I credit JR’s roommate Ben with one of my favorite quotes, “Procrastination is a lot like masturbation, because in the end you’re only fuc*ing yourself.”

I am an absolute master at procrastination. I can focus on a task for thirty minutes, tops, before

I find something else that can successfully distract me. It seems like I have been packing for my move for, oh, forever now. I’ve also concluded that I will have to take a day off from work this week to finish. Oh well.

I actually made significant progress on the packing front today, so I’m not going to totally berate myself. Yet…if I procrastinated less over the last few weekends, I could actually be done. Que sera sera.

Over the last month, I started reading my horoscope online. I don’t know why; maybe because it shows up on Google and that’s my home page. And although Chris said that you can interpret it to fit anything, it seems as though they have been eerily accurate as of late. Nothing like knowing what your day has in store by reading a few vague lines each morning.

Friday was a bizarre day for me…it’s kept me thinking, more than I should. I suppose that is how you react to something completely unexpected happening. Just the same, most of me knows that it’s not worth ruminating about. Not everything has actual meaning behind it – sometimes it’s all just about a few bottles of wine and some good conversation.

The weekend was quiet – good times with family, and way too much packing. I can’t believe tomorrow is Monday already…where does the time off go?

But yeah, my head is full of random odds and ends. It’s impossible to quiet my head when so much is going on. But I need to tell myself to quiet the thoughts I don’t need to think about. I need to not focus on what isn’t going to happen, but rather on what is happening.

Here’s to another interesting week…