So I could be doing my dishes. I could be unpacking. I could be straightening up my apartment, or getting the mountain of sand off my floor. After all, there is nothing quite like getting out of the shower and then tracking sand off your living room floor to work on the bottoms of your feet.

But guess what? I’m not.

I’m notorious among my friends for liking guys that I shouldn’t. Simply put, I am a magnet for all of the people I shouldn’t be. I love to torture myself by falling for guys that are totally not right for me.

Now I’ve done something even worse. I’ve fallen for someone who is already spoken for by someone else. Coincidentally, I don’t know this someone else, but I know that I shouldn’t like him, simply because of her existence. Not for any other reason than the fact that he belongs to someone else. I’ve never been someone who believes in cheating, and I wouldn’t want it to go in that direction…but just the same, I wish I could wake up tomorrow and the world would be a different place.

Jayme said it best the other night – “I’m going to give you advice that I know you won’t take.” I like to learn things the hard way. For some reason, falling on my face is the only way to make lessons resonate in my head.

It’s been said before – we don’t choose who we fall for. It is so hard to find someone that you truly click with, who always makes you smile…and it’s even harder when that someone belongs to someone else.