After numerous weeks of my dad begging me to get my tires rotated, I finally did it yesterday. Of course, I subsequently wasted half of a beautiful Sunday, without a car in Westbury.

How do you pass two hours without a car, when the only options within walking distance are the Costco your car is being held hostage at, a smallish-not-so-great mall and a Borders? I started off by returning phone calls and trying to catch up with friends who I haven’t had time to talk to lately. However, the noise level in Costco quickly rendered that option as unlikely. I walked (slowly) over to The Source – but a mall is a terrible place to be when you’re trying not to spend money. I started off with an inexpensive food court lunch at the Green Cactus, which passed about twenty minutes. After that, I ambled through Ann Taylor Loft, reasoning exactly why I didn’t need any more cardigans for Fall. I knew better than to go in any other stores – it was time to leave the mall.

I headed back to Borders, assuming that I could find something worth reading (and not buying) to pass the next hour. I found myself sorting longingly through the required summer reading (which I certainly didn’t appreciate when I was forced to read these books) and decided that I would re-read “The Awakening” by Kate Chopin. As I headed up the stairs, I passed a shelf of Oprah books and curiously picked up “The Secret.”

I’m not going to say that I actually read it, but I did skim through it. Here the brief synapsis for those who are unfamiliar with it: the “Law of Attraction” principle posits that feelings and thoughts can attract events, from the workings of the cosmos to interactions among individuals in their physical, emotional, and professional affairs. While I don’t disagree with this concept, (i.e. why you generate more romantic interest when you’re in a relationship) parts of this book were just ridiculous. Evidently, by stressing over debt, I am breeding negative thoughts. But if I visualize wealth appearing, my mailbox will suddenly be chock-full of checks. Who is sending these checks? I can barely get my flex savings account to properly reimburse me these days.

Regardless, “reading” this book reminded me of something. Years ago, I was stuck in a rut; I was unhappy with my job and a short-lived but hopeful relationship had fallen through the cracks. One day I woke up and realized that I was tired of moping and that each day, I was going to think of three things that I was happy about. I told myself that no matter how trivial they seemed, I would find three things each day. Within weeks, my mood improved – I was focusing more on what made me happy and the optimistic parts of life, rather than the negative parts that made me feel down. I met someone new and started a new job.

While I don’t believe that magical check fairies will be sending money my way, I’d like to see what happens next. Let the power of attraction begin.

Today’s three:
1. It is absolutely beautiful outside today.
2. I bought a cute skirt that I am wearing today.
3. I’m not working late today and will be able to make dinner when I get home.

Give it a shot; see how it works for you.