About ten years ago, MTV aired one of the greatest countdown specials ever – the top 25 lamest videos of all time. Supposedly, after showing the 25 videos, the reels would be destroyed, never to be shown again. If this is the case, future generations will certainly lose out. While many of the below videos are from that special, I have a few additional favorites.

In no particular order, I give you my top ten best videos of all time.

10. “Oh Sherrie” by Steve Perry
Note that “Sherrie” (his actual girlfriend at the time) is actually in this video, sporting a sexy white dress. Does anyone actually understand the point of the proposed medieval plotline? Be sure to pause right before he comes down the stairs – his jeans really need to be tighter. I also love when he uses a broom as a guitar. Epic.

9. “Rosanna” by Toto
I love her dramatic ponytail flip (~0:30) and the mug on the lead singer. He sings with so much emotion.

8. “Rock Me Tonite” by Billy Squier
Is it his Flashdance get-up? His flouncing in a pink leotard on the floor of his loft? His pole dancing? I do love the way he tosses his laundry about the room.

7. “Separate Ways” by Journey
This video cannot be embedded, but it can be linked. It absolutely must be included in this list. I love this woman, all decked out in her tight leather skirt and high heels, walking around in a lumberyard on a dock. I love Steve Perry’s shirt from Chess King. I love the way their instruments materialize, as if from thin air. I love the way Journey materializes from thin air. No one sings with more emotion than Steve Perry – not the seven lead singers from Journey that have followed him or even that guy from Toto. No one.

6. “After the Rain” – by Nelson
I think I owned this cassingle. I always hope that when I get in a fight with my parents, that my bedside Nelson poster will come to life and save me. I also love the dramatic use of Native Americans, feathers and perms in this video.

5. “Escape” by Rupert Holmes
Everyone knows that I love this song. I may love Rupert Holmes even more after seeing this performance. So it’s not a traditional “music video” … but that doesn’t make it any less fabulous.

4. “November Rain” by Guns n Roses
God, I loved this song and video when I was in junior high. I even thought that skanky wedding dress was pretty hot. Does anyone really know what really happened in this video? I just love the rain … the cake … Slash jamming on the guitar in front of the church.

3. “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go” by Wham!
Another one that can’t be embedded – so sad! Appreciate the “Choose Life” shirts, George Michael’s short-shorts and fabulous gloves … the lighting, the effects, his chunky back-up dancers. Excellent, all around.

2. “Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm” by Crash Test Dummies
Another non-embed! I think this video was about child abuse, but I can’t get past the creepy expressions on his face when he hums. I think they’re Canadian, too. Is this what children’s theater looks like in the land up North?

1. “Opposites Attract” by Paula Abdul
So I owned this cassette, too. I owned the trifecta at age nine(ish) – Debbie Gibson, Tiffany and Paula Abdul. Then I segued into hair bands. What is with this video? Was the animation supposed to be new and cool? Horrid.