New Year’s Eve has traditionally not been one of my favorite holidays; expectations wise, you could probably put it on par with Valentine’s Day. Though I can’t really remember a New Year’s Eve that I absolutely loved (I can remember one Valentine’s Day, though), I continue to attempt to celebrate it every year.

Plain and simple – the weather absolutely sucks in New York today. The roads are perilously covered in layers of water, black ice, snow and more ice. The temperature is in the 20s right now and is working its way down to single digits. The wind is blowing in circles (a la the Patriots-Bills game this past weekend) – uprights couldn’t stand a chance outside my apartment right now. By morning, the wind chill will probably hit zero, according to the Weather Channel. Yet, I am doing what I do best – choosing an absolutely unseasonable outfit to wear out tonight in hopes of ringing in a better 2009. Nothing says I respect northern winter weather like a sleeveless dress with bare legs and open toed shoes …

I’ve mentioned before that I’m mildly superstitious – one of those superstitions relates to New Year’s Eve. I wish I could remember when or where I heard it and on days like today, I wish I never had. I once heard that how you spend New Year’s Eve reflects what your coming year is going to be like. So being superstitious and already having the cards stacked against my NYE 2008, I am hoping to defeat the odds for 2009.

When I ring in 2009, he who should have been my NYE date will be working (if you’re planning to drive after drinking tonight, stay out of East Rockaway …) and I will be out with one of my best friends, braving the cold (in my oh-so-cute $19 party dress from Nordstrom) and enjoying a flute of champagne. Tomorrow morning starts a new year and Kristen’s Facebook status says it best – “Kristen has decided to focus on what’s going to make her happy in 2009 after spending the day at the happiest place on earth.”

So raise a glass and toast to better times in 2009 – hoping that superstitions don’t always come true.