A month or so ago, I was on a major Something Corporate kick –  looping a few of their songs at work and playing “Punk Rock Princess” repeatedly on my iPod.  Another one of their songs, “Konstantine” (which is roughly nine minutes long) has been in my “top 25 most played” playlist on both iPods I have owned. While I often joke that the word “emo” is defined by the lyrics to that song, I never get tired of listening to it.  

The highlight of my Tuesday morning is trolling the new releases. I was absentmindedly scrolling through this week’s (Patrick Park, Alpha Rev) when I saw “Played in Space” – a 20-song Something Corporate greatest hits album.


Something Corporate has been on hiatus since the mid-2000’s. There is some new material on the album, but one of the most valuable inclusions is the aforementioned “Konstatine,” which was previously a nearly impossible to find B-side.

Thank you, Andrew McMahon and Something Corporate, for giving this week an anthemic soundtrack.

“Maybe when I’m done with endings, this can begin”
– “Punk Rock Princess”
Something Corporate