This Is Not The Story You Think It Is… by Laura Munson

After 15 years of marriage and two kids, her husband tells her that he doesn’t love her anymore. To further twist the proverbial knife, he is not sure that he ever did. He leaves to take the trash to the dump and doesn’t come home that night – or the next day. He doesn’t call to tell her where he is or if he is planning to return home. And she decides that this is the opportunity to make a choice, possibly the most important one she has ever made.

She is not going to embrace the victim card. No longer is she going to allow her feelings to be manipulated by events and people outside of her control. During this critical time, when anyone’s faith would be tried, she decided to take responsibility for her own happiness.

I am just over 100 pages into this book and I am taken by it. Her writing style is authentic, and at times, equal parts humorous and sad. I find myself marking paragraphs and quotations, knowing that I get it – why we have purposely unfulfilled dreams. We keep happiness at arm’s length, telling ourselves that it either happens or it doesn’t. And then I am reminded, reading this book, that we can choose to be happy – even in the face of completely unhappy and life-changing circumstances.

I don’t know how it ends. I have no idea if her husband comes back or if their marriage is fixable. What I do know is that the book cover promises a story about “a season of unlikely happiness.”

I look forward to seeing what comes next – perhaps on my roof deck while enjoying the sun’s unexpected arrival, after a morning of dismal weather.

(After all, happiness is a choice.)