My friend Thor once introduced me to a hilarious site called, which features photos of instances where the English language is butchered in translation. I have come to realize that my neighborhood, Astoria, is one giant Due to the multi-ethnic nature of its many diverse residents and business owners, misspellings and poor grammar are common, bad translations rampant, and quite honestly, “what the hell were you thinking?” moments are everywhere.

Here are a few of my recent sightings:

For starters, your store is called “Temptation for Kids.” As if that isn’t creepy/bizarre enough, you have a neon sign in the window advertising your “Boys Department” and that window is filled with child bride dresses.

Stop into this grocery store – honey “malple” turkey breast and “Amercan” swiss are on sale!

I hear a lot of  “exectives” shop here. Or maybe the intended name just wasn’t available, due to trademark issues.

I hope you have enjoyed this brief trip through Astoria. I’m sure there will be more highlights to come.