I work for a non-profit as a Social Marketing Manager. In simple terms, I am an online conversation starter – I initiate discussion and spread our mission using Facebook, Twitter, blogs … you get the message. Sharing an equal love for non-profits and all things social marketing, I am constantly admiring what other organizations do well in this space. When I stumbled upon To Write Love on Her Arms (affectionately known as TWLOHA), I knew that they got it – and I had much to learn from them.

The sensitive issues of depression, addiction, self-injury and suicide face many challenges in reaching the audience who needs information and help the most. TWLOHA succeeds in bringing the important message of hope and help for those struggling with these issues, to young people in a unique way that never comes across as preachy, or over the top.

In addition to using the social arena better than most non-profit organizations, they also sell t-shirts … awesome t-shirts that then are worn by the bands who believe in furthering TWLOHA’s mission. (And if there is one thing I love, it’s a good t-shirt.)

Read the story of how TWLOHA came to be – it demonstrates why there was a need for this organization and puts a face on it.  Mission statements don’t mean a thing if you don’t understand the need for an organization in the first place.

Follow TWLOHA on Facebook – they manage to post some of the most inspiring and hopeful quotes I have ever seen.

Buy a t-shirt and support the great work this organization does.

And thank you, TWLOHA, for the amazing work that you do. Thank you for giving both a voice and a listening ear to these issues.