Happy Friday! Today’s topic (looks short and sweet): Favorite quote (from a person, from a book, etc) and why you love it:

“Life is a train of moods like a string of beads, and, as we pass through them, they prove to be many-colored lenses which paint the world their own hue, and each shows only what lies in its focus.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Quotes, I love them. In the quotes section of my Facebook Page, I have at least 20 – from authors, philosophers, movies, songs … even The Bible. While some are serious and thought-provoking, others are more simple and matter-of-fact. Choosing just one as a favorite was difficult to do, but this one has been with me for a long time.

No matter how good or bad your life seems to be, it’s important to remember which lens you are viewing it through. On a bad day, everything around you is going to seem a little darker, more challenging. Conversely, on a good day, everything seems better and brighter. I try to remind myself that on a tough day, there can always be something better on the other side – it just depends how you are looking at it.