Live in Phoenix. Work in social media for a non-profit organization.

I am an ENFJ.

I was born and raised in New York, but dabbled in Georgia, South Carolina and Massachusetts.

I could not live a day without music.

I am absolutely inept with chopsticks.

I like scars, because they tell a story.

I can’t stand tourists.

I love carbs. Mostly the bad ones.

If there is a jukebox around, I will find something to play on it. I don’t care how limited my choices are.

The “Oh Sherrie” video by Steve Perry is one of the most unintentionally funny things ever.

I am, on one hand, a hopeless romantic and on the other hand, a total cynic.

I love being outdoors, but sunburn faster than anyone you know.

I am mildly amused by non-ironic mustaches.

I hate wearing shoes.

I abhor small talk. It’s totally not my thing.

I miss humidity.

Things I love: Baseball, the beach, SEC football, the Patriots (even minus Vinatieri), the (Devil) Rays, sucking at surfing, Charleston, good beer, playing kickball, playing soccer, bowling, bagpipes, Pinkberry, sushi, iTunes, candy, singing in my car, Jamba Juice, The Irish Rover, my BlackBerry, Starbucks (I am such a sellout), ice cream, raw oysters, sundresses, traveling, polka dots, running, seafood in general, Whole Foods, Sephora, spring training, blogging, grammar, J Crew, learning to scuba dive, Red Bull, Chad Bradford’s pitching style, Vitamin Water, the Barnes and Noble in Union Square, grilling out, Aquagrill (restaurant in NYC), Banana Republic, (white) wine tasting, little black dresses, guys who look good in hats, Best of Craigslist, European sports cars, crosswords, writing, independent CD stores, sunsets on the beach, warm weather, flip flops, volunteering, making mix CDs, trolling New York magazine for things that I want to (but will never actually) do.