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Last May, I decided to enroll in a CSA, in an effort to diversify my vegetable intake. Before I joined the Chow Locally program, I cooked and ate a decent amount of vegetables, but it was always the same few. Participating in a CSA has forced me to step outside my comfort zone (there are other vegetables besides asparagus and mushrooms!) and surprisingly resulted in a lot of wins for me.

Each week, I get a box of local-grown fruits and vegetables – roughly 7-9 different kinds, with at least two of each. As you can imagine, this is A LOT of food for one person, especially during the weeks when I don’t have a lot of time to prepare meals. And I always feel guilty when I let any of it go to waste. 

This week’s goal – to utilize all of the vegetables in my Chow Share box.

Here’s what I’m working with:

  • winterbor kale (currently hanging out in a bowl in my fridge)
  • three black Spanish radishes
  • lacinato kale (more kale … allegedly a different kind. Stored in my handy Martha Stewart produce keeper)
  • three purple top turnips 
  • rapini (filling a giant bowl and taking over the top shelf of my fridge)
  • five grapefruits
  • spicy arugula (living in in the salad spinner in the fridge)
  • green onions (in a mason jar on my countertop)

Thankfully, Chow Locally provides a handout each week, with photos/descriptions of the vegetables (super handy) and information how to store them. Online, they provide a recipe for each item and archive those, as well. Since I have food allergies, these recipes can be hit or miss, but I’ve definitely made some amazing meals with their suggestions.

Today, I Googled each item and found a corresponding recipe I’d like to try. Hopefully next weekend, I will have used all (or most!) of my vegetables and will share any recipes I find tasty.

Stay tuned (and let me know if you have any favorite recipes which use the ingredients mentioned above!)


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